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Stamford Coalition of Parents Expecting Success
SCOPES is group of parent volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of families in our community, especially those with children who can and should receive special education services. Working as a Committee of the Parent Teacher Council of Stamford, SCOPES will provide a parent support network and serve as a community resource on issues related to special education.

SCOPES is composed of an Advisory Board and two Co-Presidents. If you have a question, or want to become involved, please contact one of our Co-Presidents or the SCOPES Parent Contact at your school.

Our key objectives include:

  • Providing outreach and a support network for parents, including a website that will provide access to relevant information and links
  • Collaborating with Stamford Public Schools in an effort to continually improve the educational opportunities available within our schools

Who will SCOPES help?

  • Parents and/or guardians of children from birth to age 21 who receive special education services-in or out the community
  • Parents who think their child may have learning issues, behavioral issues, attention issues, who may not have many friends, or who is socially isolated
  • Parents who are just learning about the special education process and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Parents who need support and would like to learn to advocate more effectively for their children

Contact Us:

Please reach out to the contact at your school or to any one of our Advisory Board Members.


SCOPES strives to act with the highest integrity and offer the best possible service to all people who access SCOPES’ services. However, SCOPES is comprised of volunteers that do not have any special training. Consequently, SCOPES, its members and Advisory Board, shall not accept any liability for the information or advice which may be provided or incorporated by reference. SCOPES, its members and Advisory Board make no claims, guarantees or promises about the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any of the information provided. In no event shall SCOPES, its members or its Advisory Board be liable for any errors or omissions with respect to any information provided.

SCOPES is a Committee of the PT Council of Stamford